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HDMI 4K , Signal Enhenced Converter from Dun Cheng

Dear Customers,


This is Nini from Dun Chen/Yu Cheng Technology Corp.I would like to introduce our newly-developed product of HDMI 4K Converter, a best choice to have a quality life with your home theater integration. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information since you will find this goods can be placed on your markets with a majority responses. Thanks for your time.










HDMI 4K Converter


Convert vedio from low resolution to high resolution (from 480~1080P to 4K * 2K).

Enjoy your videos, movies, games, photos on your 4K TV



It features a digital processing core that performs real -time video format conversion and image improvement. Format conversion is achieved through an innovative adaptive scaler that allows the device to upscale from any input format to 4K x 2K resolutions. Proprietary video processing algorithms improve the picture quality by removing unnaturally appearing noise or artifacts, smoothing edges and sharpening the image. Image improvement is supported for both standard and high-definition video.

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