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  • Name :TBT3 eSTAT+USB3.0 Dongle

  • P/N : 1490061109
  • Class : Thunderbolt cable
  • Date : 2017-03-21

Detailed introduction


TBT3 eSTAT+USB3.0 Dongle


An electrical cable that transform Thunderbolt 3signal to eSATA and USB 3.1 GEN 1signal in order to provide great responsiveness with data and a easy turn-key solution for Thunderbolt applications and devices

Can only be used for last Thunderbolt end-point  devices in a daisy-chain link

Tether design is optimized with respect to providing tethers with high flexibility, good durability, natural buoyancy and minimum drag.


This specification defines the requirement and behavior of Lintes Thunderbolt3to eSATA and USB 3.1 GEN1Dongle.  The cable connect to host systems or devices' Thunderbolt 3connector and transform Thunderbolt signal to eSATA and USB 3.1 GEN 1signal for applications.  This document specifies the electrical and mechanical properties of  Lintes Thunderbolt 3to eSATA and USB 3.1 GEN 1 Dongle.

1.1.Key Specifications56

1.1.1 General Specification Length: 24cm Connector: LOTES Type-Cconnector or compatible and USB 3.0 Connector Outside diameter: 4.2mm

1.1.2 Electrical Specification Operating Voltages:VBUS: 5VSupport Thunderbolt 3operation Transmission data rate:TBT3side: 40GbpsMax Power Consumption :<9.5W

1.1.3 USB 3.1 GEN 1Electrical Specification USB power : 5V/ 1.1AUSB 3.0: 1.5/12/480/5000Mbps Support USB 1.1 , 2.0, 3.1GEN1device Support Wake OnUSB

1.1.4 eSATA Electrical Specification Support SATAIII(6.0Gbps), SATAII(3.0Gbps), SATAI(1.5Gbps) eSATA: 4000Mbps

1.1.5 Storage and Operation temperature

Storage Temperature: Intel Thunderbolt Standard -20~85°C ambient.  Operation Temperature: Intel Thunderbolt Standard -10°C ~55°C ambient.

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