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  • Name :USB 2.0 AM To 8 Pin KODAK

  • P/N : USB2-KODAK-183-C
  • Class : Camera Cable
  • Date : 2012-07-17

Detailed introduction

USB 2.0 A Type MaleTo 8 Pin KODAK+CORE*1 L:1.83m
Comply with Kodak Easyshare C310,C315,C330,C340,C360,C433, C503,C530,C533,C603,C643,
 C653,C663,C743,C875,CD33  CD40  CD43  CW330 C513,C713,
 Easyshare-one/4 MP,Easyshare-one/6 MP
 P712,P850,P880,V530,V550,V570, V603, V610,V705,V803,V1003。
 Z612,Z650,Z700,Z710,Z712 Z713,Z730,Z740,Z760,Z712IS,Z812IS,Z885,Z1275,ZD710
 M753,M853  M1033 M2008 M863 M893IS Z1012Z1285,Z1085 IS,Z8612 IS V1233 V1253 V1073 V1273
 Z812 IS  C1013  C140  C613  C763  C813  C913   M1063   M1073 IS   M1093 IS   M763   P712  
 P850  P880  Z1015 IS  Z1485 IS 

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